IS Series Horizontal Centrifugal Pump

IS Series Horizontal Centrifugal Pump


IS single stage single suction pump(end suction pump), is the joint designed energy-saving pump. This pump is suitable for industrial and municipal water supply and drainage, can also be used for agricultural irrigation and for conveying water or other liquids that physical and chemical properties similar to water, the temperature is not higher than 110 ℃. 

Technical Data

Flow Range: 3.75~1080m³/h

Head Range: 4~128m

Power Range: 0.37~160KW

Temperature: -20℃~110℃

Material: Cast Iron

Work Pressure: ≤1.6MPa


1, IS-type pump is designed according to ISO2858 international standard, mainly consist of the pump body, pump cover, impeller, shaft, sealing rings, bushings and suspension bearing parts and so on. 

2, IS-type pump is with back pull out structure. The advantage is easy maintenance, no need to remove the pump body, suction piping, discharge piping and motor, simply remove the coupling, you can exit the rotor parts. 

3, Pump housing (pump body and pump cover) constitute the pump working chammber. Impeller, shaft and bearing as the pump rotor. Suspension bearing unit supporting the pump rotor parts, bearing supports radial and axial force of the pump. 

4, In order to balance the axial force of the pump, most of the pump impeller are equipped with sealing ring and the impeller back cover has a balance hole. 

5, The pump axial seal ring is consist of the packing gland, packing ring, and packing. 

6, To prevent shaft wear, it has sleeve protection. Between the sleeve and shaft there is O-ring to prevent leaking. 

7, The pump and motor is connected through flexible coupling, from the motor end, the pump rotation direction is clockwise.