Electric Drum Pump

Electric  Drum Pump


Electric oil drum pump is a new type of oil suction machine, which is widely used in many industries to pump all kinds of oil and similar barreled liquids.

This series of pumps have compact structure, stable performance and simple operation. They are equipped with AC single-phase motor. As long as the pump body is inserted into the oil barrel and the power switch is turned on, the oil in the barrel can be sucked out, which is convenient, labor-saving and high efficiency.

Technical Data

Flow: 2~9 m³/h

Head: 3~10 m

Material of pump tube: Aluminum, SS304, SS316L, PP, PVDF

Note: Please contact us for more detailed parameters.


With different materials and motors, the electric oil drum pump can transport diesel, kerosene, engine oil, gasoline, hydraulic oil, animal and vegetable oil, milk, beverage and chemical liquid media.

If it is used in explosive scenes, explosion-proof motor shall be selected.