DG Series Horizontal Multistage Centrifugal Pump

DG Series Horizontal Multistage  Centrifugal Pump


This series of pump is horizontal single suction multi-stage segmental centrifugal pump. It can be used to pump clean water or similar liquids, specially suitable for boiler water feeding with low or middle pressure, of course it also be used for factory or city high pressure water supply or drainage.

Technical Data

Flow Q=3.75~336m³/h;

Head H=49~1110m;

Temperature of the liquid: -20ºC~ 160ºC;

Model Meanning

Example: DG46-50x6

DG Multistage boiler feed pump;

46:  Design flow is 46m3/h;

50:  Design head of single stage is 50m;

6:   Stage of this pump


Both inlet and outlet of this pump are upwards. Segments of inlet, middles, discharge and bearing housings are all connected by tension bolts. Stages are determined by the required pump head.

The rotor of the pump are mainly composed of shaft and impeller, bushing, and balancing plate, which are balanced and connected to the shaft by means of straight key and shaft nut. The stages of the pump employ the impeller. The whole rotor is supported by rolling contact bearing or sliding bearing which varies themselves according to certain situation. The rotor does not bear any axial force, which is balanced by balancing plate. Axial movement of rotor is allowed in the pump running, so radial ball bearing is not suitable. Lubrication for rolling bearing is grease, for sliding bearing is thin oil, and oil ring is adopted for self-lubrication, cooled by circulating water.

Fluid sealants is set between sealing surfaces of segments of inlet, middle and discharging, while sealing ring and guide vane are set between rotor and stator. The sealing ring and guide vane are advised to be replaced when they decrease the pumping efficiency.

Mechanical sealing and packing sealing are two options, in which tightness of packing shall be filled properly to reach a performance of drop by drop leaking. All sealing parts are integrated in sealing housing which shall connect some water with pressure used for water sealing, cooling and lubricating. A replaceable shaft sleeve at the shaft sealing location to protect the pump shaft.

This pump often use rolling bearing and grease lubrication. Model of DG85-67 and

DG155-67 can also use sliding bearing and thin oil lubrication structure. Main parts of the pump are normally made of cast iron, but cast steel and stainless steel can also be used, any other material required, please contact our sales people.

This series of pump is driven directly by prime motor by flexible coupling. The pump rotates clockwise viewing from prime motor.