XS Single-Stage Double-Suction Split Casing Centrifugal Pump

XS Single-Stage Double-Suction Split Casing Centrifugal Pump


XS type split casing pump is the new generation of high performance single stage double suction centrifugal pump. Bearing spacing between both ends is short, pump running stable, low vibration noise, and can increases the speed of running properly, to adapt to a wider range of performance. , it is the full replacement of SH, S, SA, SLA, SAP type double suction pump. 

XS type pump's unique design of high temperature, use of intermediate support, thick body, sealed cooling, bearing lubrication, so that the pump can run up to 200 ℃ occasions, especially for heating network requirements.

This pump  can be vertical or horizontal installed according to using conditions, seal can be mechanical seal or packing seal.

 Inlet and outlet at the same line, so that the pipeline layout is simple and convenient. 

Technical Data

Flow Range: 22-11600m3/h ;

Head Range: 7-200m ;

Power Range: 5.5-2000KW ;

Temperature: -20℃-105℃ ;

Material: Cast Iron、Stainless Steel、Bronze ;

Work Pressure: ≤2.5MPa .  


Mainly used for water plant, air conditioning, water recycling, heating systems, and high-rise building water supply, irrigation and drainage pumping stations, power plants, industrial water supply system , Fire systems, shipbuilding industry, and other places of fluid transmission.