ISG Pipeline Centrifugal Pump

ISG Pipeline Centrifugal Pump


ISG series vertical pipeline centrifugal pump is designed using excellent hydraulic models and the performance parameters of the IS type centrifugal pump. It is cleverly combined and designed on the basis of ordinary vertical pumps. This series of products has the advantages of high efficiency, energy-saving, low noise, and reliable performance. The products are designed and manufactured according to the international IS02858 standard.

The inlet and outlet diameters of this type of pump are the same and located on the same center line. It can be installed in the pipeline like a valve, with compact and beautiful appearance.

Technical Data

Head: 3~150 m

Flow: 1.5~1200 m³/h

Temperature: -20~ +240.

Pressure: ≤1.6Mpa

Solid particles: the volume content shall not exceed 0.1% of unit volume, and the particle size shall be less than 0.2mm

Note: please contact us for other detailed parameters. When ordering, be sure to inform us of the working pressure, solid particle content, etc. we can customize the corresponding products according to the needs of specific scenarios.


According to different operating temperatures and media, our company has also developed products suitable for hot water pump, high-temperature pump, anti-corrosion chemical pump, oil pump, explosion-proof chemical pump, low-speed pump and other products for customers to choose on the basis of ISG vertical pipeline centrifugal pump.


1. ISG type vertical pipeline centrifugal pump can transport clean water and other liquids with physical and chemical properties similar to clean water. It is suitable for industrial and urban water supply and drainage, pressurized water supply in high-rise buildings, garden sprinkler irrigation, fire pressurization, long-distance transportation, HVAC refrigeration cycle, bathroom and other cold and warm water circulation pressurization and equipment matching, with operating temperature T<80.


2. IRG type vertical hot water pump is suitable for high-temperature hot water pressurization circulation transmission of boilers in metallurgy, chemical industry, textile, wood processing, paper making, hotels, bathrooms, hotels, and urban housing heating circulation pumps, with operating temperature T<180.


3. ISS type vertical high-temperature centrifugal pumps are widely used in energy, metallurgy, chemical, textile, papermaking, as well as boilers, hotels, and other high-temperature hot water pressurization and circulation pumps for urban heating systems, with operating temperature T<240.


4. ISH type vertical pipeline chemical pump is used for conveying liquids that do not contain solid particles, are corrosive, and have a viscosity similar to water. It is suitable for departments such as petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, power, papermaking, food pharmaceuticals, and synthetic fibers, with operating temperatures ranging from -20~ +120.


5. ISY type vertical pipeline oil pump is used to transport petroleum products such as gasoline, kerosene, diesel, etc., with operating temperatures ranging from -20 ~ +120℃.


6. ISHY vertical stainless-steel explosion-proof chemical centrifugal pump is suitable for conveying flammable and explosive chemical liquids.


7. ISGD, IRGD, ISSD, ISHD, ISYD, ISHYD vertical low speed centrifugal pumps are suitable for occasions requiring low environmental noise and air conditioning cycles.