LQRY Series Thermal Oil Pump

LQRY Series Thermal Oil Pump


Thermal oil pump adopts the self-heat-radiating structure, change the traditional water cooling structure, make it more simple, small volume, economy operation cost, good performance, reliable operation, it is the second generation product based on our country digesting and absorbing foreign technology. 

Technical Data

Flow Range:4.5-400m3/h

Head Range:15-80m

Power Range:0.55-132KW


Material:Cast Steel

Work Pressure:<1.6Mpa


1. basic structure is single stage single suction cantilever feet support, pump suction is axial inhaled, discharge center vertical, and installed in a same base with motor. 

2. Pump supported by double ball bearing, front end lubricated by lubricating oil, back end lubricated by grease, a guide tubing in the middle, to observe the conditions of sealing at any time and recovery of heat conduction oil. 

3. Hot oil pump shaft seal: 

(1) with the combination of packing seal and mechanical seal, packing seal use high temperature resistant packing, has the good thermal adaptability, while mechanical seal adopts high mechanical strength and wear resistance, good hard alloy material, which guarantees the sealing performance under high temperature conditions. 

(2) adopts imported polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) as lip shape seal, make the sealing performance much better, seal reliability of 25 times than rubber seal, and with very strong corrosion-resist ability. 

Model Meaning 

For example: LQRY 65-50-170 

LQRY - hot oil pump 

65 - pump suction diameter mm 

50 - pump discharge diameter mm 

170 - pump impeller nominal diameter mm