Electric / Air-Driven Drum Pump

Electric / Air-Driven Drum Pump


Drum Pump is a kind of barrel pump. The tube can be directly put into the drum to pump liquid. As per different transferring liquid, the pump wet part can choose Aluminum Alloy, Stainless Steel, PP, RPP, PVDF, PTFE Material. 

The driving motor can be single phase common motor, Ex-proof motor, no brush motor &high-speed motor for option. 

It is easy to use, maintenance &high efficiency. 

It is widely used to transfer acid, petrochemical liquids, treatment water, drinks, gas, kerosene, diesel and some low-viscosity liquids in extensive fields of petrochemical, refinery, food, petro oil, marine, pharmacy, filling station etc.

Technical Data

Material of pump tube: Aluminum, SS304, SS316L, PP, PVDF;

Flow: 60~165 L/min;

Head: 5~30 m;


Biofuel Industry, Automotive Industry, Family Homes, Industrial Utilities, Pharmaceutical industry etc.