YCB Gear Oil Pump

YCB Gear Oil Pump


YCB gear oil pump adopts the tooth profile composed of circular arc and sinusoidal curve. During operation, the engagement between gear and tooth root is in the smooth transition of two circular arcs, without dead center or jamming, and has a long service life.

There are reasonably designed oil drain and return grooves inside the pump body to minimize the torque force borne by the gear during operation, so the bearing load is small, the wear is small, and the pump has low noise and high efficiency during operation.

Technical Data

Flow: 0.6~50 m³/h

Viscosity: 5~1500 cst

Temperature:  ≤350°C ( If the working temp >80℃, please inform us before order )

Material: Stainless steel or Customize to your needs

Note: Please contact us for other detailed parameters.


1. It can give performance as transfer pump or booster pump in oil deliver system.

2. It can be also applied as fuel pump for delivery system, pressurization and injection in fuel supply system and in all industry fields as lubricating.

3. Stainless steel material pump can be used to transfer food oil and corrosive liquid.

4. cast steel pump can be used to transfer high temperature oil, and this material pump can have heat jacket, to keep the pump body warm.