2CY Series Gear and Lubricational Pump

2CY Series Gear and Lubricational Pump


2CY series gear pump is composed of pump body, pump cover, gear, bearing sleeve, shaft end seal and other parts. The gears are nitrided and have high hardness and wear resistance. They are installed in the shaft sleeve together with the shaft.

All running parts in the pump are lubricated with the medium they deliver. The four bearing sleeves in the pump are installed in the pump body, and the end clearance is automatically adjusted with the working pressure. Therefore, the pressure of the pump is stable, the output flow pulsation is small, and the volume ratio is high.

Technical Data

Flow: 0.6 ~ 18 m3 / h

Pressure: <2.5 MPa

Suction lift: 5 m

Caliber: G11/2", G11/4", G3/4 ", g2.5", G2"  etc.

Note: Please contact us for more specific parameters.


2CY series gear pump is suitable for conveying temperature not higher than 120 ℃ and viscosity of 5 × 10-5~1.5 × 10-3m2 / s oil without solid particles and fibers, non corrosive lubricating oil, heavy oil, industrial light oil and edible oil, etc. equipped with copper gears, it can transport low flash point liquids, such as gasoline and benzene, which are commonly used in oil depots, docks, ships, factories, farms, mines, etc.