KCB Series Gear Oil Pump

KCB Series Gear Oil Pump


KCB series gear pump is applicable to transport lubricating oil or other liquids properties similar to lubricants that not containing solid particles and fiber, noncorrosive, no more than 80 ℃, viscosity 5 x 10-6 ~ 1.5 x 10-3m2 / s (5-1500cSt). 

Technical Data

Flow Range: 1.1~230 m³/h

Temperature: -20~80 ℃

Material: Cast Iron、Stainless Steel

Work Pressure: <1.6Mpa

Note: The detailed parameters are communicated and determined during ordering, and can be customized as needed.


This series gear pump is composed of gear, shaft, pump body, relief valve, axial end seal. Gear is heat treated and have high strength and rigidity, together with the shaft installed in the replaceable sleeves. Pump parts are entirely lubricated by output medium. 

Pump inside has reasonable back oil slot, make the gear work under minimum torque force, bearing load small, wear less, pump with high efficiency. 

Pump has relief valve as overloading protective, the total reflux pressure of safety valve is 1.5 times the pump discharge pressure, also can be adjusted according to the actual need. But note that this relief valve cannot be used as pressure reducing valve for a long time, when needed can be separately installed in piping. 

Looking from the shaft overhanging end, the pump rotaes clockwise. 


In oil system used for transportation, pressure boosting; 

In the fuel oil system used for conveying, pressurization, jet fuel pump, 

In hydraulic transmission systems used for providing hydraulic power, 

In all industrial areas, can be used as lubrication oil pump.