AY Centrifugal Oil Pump

AY Centrifugal Oil Pump


AY centrifugal oil pump is improved and designed based on the old Y-type oil pump, which has higher reliability, higher energy-saving effect and higher operation efficiency.

AY centrifugal oil pump has six structures: single-stage single suction, single-stage double suction, double-stage, single suction down suction, single-stage double suction and double-stage single suction, double-stage double suction with two ends supported.

Technical Data

Flow: 2.5~600 m3/h

Head: 30~330 m

Temperature: -20~300 ℃

Note: Please contact us for other detailed parameters.


Mainly applied to transport clean, low temperature or high temperature, neutral or corrosive liquids.

Is mainly used in petroleum refining, petrochemical, chemical industry, oil field, oil and gas transportation and other fields.