WRY Hot Oil Pump

WRY Hot Oil Pump


WRY series hot oil pump is a new type of hot oil pump, with single-stage single suction cantilever foot, axial suction at the inlet and vertical upward at the outlet. It adopts double end ball bearing support structure and is installed on the base together with the motor.

The front end of WRY series hot oil pump is lubricated with heat transfer oil, the rear end is lubricated with grease, and there is an oil guide pipe in the middle to observe the sealing condition and recover the heat transfer oil in real time.

WRY series hot oil pump adopts self heating heat dissipation structure, which changes the traditional water cooling structure, resulting in simple structure, small volume, saving operation cost, good performance and reliable use.

Technical Data

Flow: 4.5~400 m³/h

Head: 10~125 m

Temperature: ≤350℃

Sealing mode: Packing seal、Mechanical seal

Kinematic viscosity: 10~15 mm²/s (range of heat transfer oil at 70 ° C, please specify if it is exceeded)

Note: Please contact us for other detailed parameters.


1. Petro-chemical Industry ;

2. Oil Industry ;

3. Synthetic-fibre Industry ;

4.Textile Dyeing And Printing Industry ;

5. Plastic And Rubber Industry ;

6. Papermaking industry .