CYZ-A Centrifugal Oil Pump

CYZ-A Centrifugal Oil Pump


CYZ-A centrifugal oil pump has the advantages of simple structure, convenient operation, stable operation, easy maintenance, high efficiency, long service life and strong self-priming capacity.

The discharge pipeline of this type of pump does not need to be installed with safety valve, and the suction pipeline does not need to be installed with bottom valve. The pipeline system is relatively simple. Before operation, it is only necessary to ensure that a certain amount of oil is stored in the pump body.

Technical Data

Flow: 3.2~600 m³/h

Head: 12~80 m

Caliber: 25~300 mm

Medium temperature:  20~80℃

Overcurrent  material:  Cast iron or stainless steel

Note: Please contact us for more detailed parameters.


CYZ-A centrifugal oil pump is widely used in the petroleum industry. It is also suitable for marine cargo oil pump, bilge pump, fire pump, ballast pump and machine cooling water circulation to transport petroleum products such as gasoline, kerosene and diesel, seawater and clean water. 

If the seal is changed to corrosion-resistant mechanical seal, corrosive chemical liquid can be transported.