ZW Horizontal Self-priming Pump

ZW Horizontal Self-priming Pump


ZW Self-priming sewage pump integrates self-priming and sewage discharge. It can not only pump the sewage, sediment, waste ore impurities, feces treatment and all engineering sewage and colloidal liquid containing large particles with a diameter of 60% of the outlet diameter and a fiber length of 1.5 times the impeller diameter, but also completely reduce the labor intensity of workers, Moreover, it is easy to use, move and install, with little maintenance and stable performance. Its advantage is that it has strong self-priming capacity. The suction pipeline does not need to be equipped with a bottom valve. It can transport sewage containing large solid particles, fibrous materials and a variety of impurities. The solid content is ≤ 35% and is not easy to be blocked.

This series of non clogging sewage pump is divided into ordinary type and corrosion-resistant type. The ordinary type is made of A3, and the corrosion-resistant type is made of 304, 316, 316L, etc. different materials are used for different occasions.

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NOTE:The specific technical parameters shall be communicated and confirmed in detail when ordering.


ZW series non clogging sewage pump is mainly suitable for conveying industrial wastewater and urban domestic sewage.

In addition to conveying sewage, ZW water pump is also suitable for drainage pump, pulp pump, filtration flushing condensate circulating pump, irrigation pump, etc. it is widely used in mines, construction sites, hospitals, hotels, sewage treatment and other occasions.