AH(AHR) Slurry Pump

AH(AHR) Slurry Pump


AH、AHR、H、HH、HP、AHP、M、MR Series Slurry Pumps are horizontal cantilevered centrifugal slurry pumps.

AH、M、HH series slurry pumps shaft seal can adopt mechanical seal or gland packing two types. Discharge port can be positioned at 8 different position at an interval of 45°.

AHR、MR series slurry pumps flow parts are rubber material. The pump casing, pump cover and driving parts are same as AH、L、M series slurry pumps parts.

Technical Data

Flow: 3.6~3000 m³/h

Head: 5~68 m

Speed: 250~3800 r/min

Transmission: direct connection, parallel belt, upper and lower belt, vertical

Note: Please contact us for more detailed parameters.


AH slurry pump is suitable for conveying strong abrasion and high concentration slurry in mining, metallurgy, coal, electric power, building materials and other industries.