ZJ Slurry Pump

ZJ Slurry Pump


ZJ series slurry pump adopts double-layer pump shell (inner and outer double-layer metal) vertical split structure. The water outlet can be installed and used at 8 different positions at 45° intervals.

The labyrinth gap seal is set between the impeller and the rear guard plate of ZJ series slurry pump, which reduces the leakage of slurry to the stuffing box. The impeller is equipped with back blades, which can discharge the reflux slurry in time, reduce the reflux and erosion, and improve the service life of overflow parts.

The shaft seal of ZJ series slurry pump can adopt two forms of shaft seal: auxiliary impeller and packing combined seal and mechanical seal, which can effectively prevent the leakage of shaft seal.

Technical Data

Flow: 4.5~2339 m³/h

Head: 6~133 m

Particle diameter: 11~96 mm

Transmission: direct connection, parallel belt, upper and lower belt, vertical

Note: Please contact us for other detailed parameters.


ZJ series slurry pumps are widely used in chemical, metallurgical, coal, electric power, building materials and other industries. They are mainly used to transport abrasive slurry containing solid particles, such as concentrate tailings treatment in concentrators, ash removal in power plants, slime and dense medium coal preparation in coal preparation plants, slurry transportation in coastal River mining, etc. The maximum weight concentration that can be treated is: mortar 45%, pulp 60%.

The slurry pump of this model can be operated in series according to the needs of practical application.