Air Driven Drum Pump

Air Driven Drum Pump


Air driven drum pump is a new type of oil suction machine. It uses the air pressure difference to make the piston run up and down, drive the material guide piston to open and close, and play the role of material lifting.

This series of pneumatic oil drum pumps can control and adjust the feeding flow by adjusting the flow and air pressure of working gas. It can work automatically with induction switch. At the same time, this series of oil drum pumps have the advantages and functions of explosion-proof, corrosion-resistant, anti sedimentation, low noise, convenience, labor saving, energy saving and so on.

Technical Data

Flow: 2~10 m³/h

Head: 5~30 m

Material: SS304, SS316

Note: Please contact us for other detailed parameters.


This series of oil drum pumps can transport flammable, explosive and volatile oils and solvent media. They are widely used in chemical, petroleum, environmental protection, water treatment, medicine, food and other industries. At the same time, they are also suitable for small and medium-sized oil fields, oil depots, refineries, gas stations and other units to transport gasoline, kerosene, diesel and light fuel oil.