ZX Self-priming Centrifugal Pump

ZX Self-priming Centrifugal Pump


ZX series self-priming centrifugal pump is horizontal type. Compare with other centrifugal pumps, no bottom valve needed at the pipeline, just to ensure the pump filled with priming fluid before working. 

Thus simplifying the piping system, and also improved working conditions. 

Technical Data

Flow Range: 3~600m3/h

Head Range: 5~132m

Power Range: 0.55~110KW

Temperature: -10℃~110℃

Material:Cast Iron、Stainless Steel

Work Pressure: <1.6Mpa

Note: the specific parameters are communicated and customized in detail when ordering.


  1. Suitable for city environmental protection , construction, fire fighting, chemical industry, pharmacy, dyes, dyeing, brewing, electric power, electric plating, paper-making, industrial and mineral rinse, equipment cooling and so on.

  2. This pump, when mounted with a shaking arm shower, can have the water burst into air and then scattered in a thin drop for spraying, useful to a farm, nursery, orchard and tee plantation.

  3. Suitable for pure water, sea water, the chemical media of an acid and alkaline degree and the pulpy material of a general pasty state. (medium viscosity<=100cP, solid content below 30%).

  4. This pump can work together with a pressure filter of any model and specification and is the most ideal matching pump to send pulpy materials to the s aid f ilter f or p ressure filtering.