NL Semi-Submerged Slurry Pump

NL Semi-Submerged Slurry Pump


NL Semi-Submerged Slurry Pump is a single-stage single-suction pump. Basic parts include volute, impeller, pump base, pump case, supporting tub, motor base, motor etc. Volute, pump base, motor base, impeller nut are made of cast iron, so it has high wear resistance and corrosion resistance as well as convenient machining.

Impeller is semi-enclosed with three single-string bending leaves. The use of malleable iron makes it high strength, corrosion resistance, convenient machining and efficiency.

In order to reduce weight and the amount of turning, pump shaft is made of high-quality carbon and cold-drawn steel.

There are four framework oil seals and shaft sleeves to avoid shaft abrasion and extend its service life.

The pump can work vertically or aslant with small occupation area. The volute should be emerged in the medium. It can start easily without water. The rotation direction should be clockwise in the bottom of the motor you look.

The length of the whole machine has different sizes for users to choose according to the actual occasion.

Technical Data

Head: 8~30 m

Flow: 20~180 m³/h

Power: 1.5~22 kw

Speed: 1450 r/min

Note: Please contact us for other detailed parameters.


1. Used to handle the dense and muddy liquid, paste and quick sand in the fields of municipal engineering capital construction, chemical, printing, dyeing, pharmaceuticals, shipbuilding, casting and foodstuff etc., the flowing sludge in rivers, as well as the fluid containing clods and pea gravel in mines. 

2. If matched with high-pressure pump and water gun, it can be a hydro mechanization earthwork unit used for hand leveling, the small-sized hydraulic engineering such as dredging up and beating away river channel and pond, as well as the air defense and underground projects in cities.

3. Used in fish culture for water supply, cleaning and oxygen supply in fish pond.