YX3 Series IE2 High Efficiency Three Phase Induction Motor

YX3 Series IE2 High Efficiency Three Phase Induction Motor


The YX3 series motor is an updated product of the Y2 series motor. It is a general-purpose fully enclosed self-fan-cooled squirrel-cage three-phase asynchronous motor. This series of products has received unanimous praise from users because of its remarkable energy-saving effect, high safety and reliability, high durability, high cost performance, and good after-sales service.


This series motors have many virtues, including beautiful appearance, high efficiency and energy saving (IE2 of IEC60034-30 and level 3 of GB18613-2012), class F insulation, low noise, little vibration, running smoothly.


Frame sizes: 80M – 355L ;

Rated output: 0.18 - 375kW ;

Voltage: 220V, 380V, 400V, 415V, 480V, 660V ;

Frequency: 50Hz or 60Hz ;

Number of poles: 2, 4, 6, 8,10,12 ;

Efficiency levels: IE2 ;

Duty Cycle: S1 ;

Enclosure: IC411 - TEFC ;

Insulation class: F ;

Degree of protection: IP55, IP56 or IP65 ;


Power supply conditions: Voltage fluctuation within ±5% (short-term allowable fluctuation ±10%); frequency fluctuation within ±2% (short-term allowable fluctuation ±5%). The motor and frequency fluctuate within ±5% at the same time, and the frequency fluctuation does not exceed ±2% ;

Use place: indoor, no corrosive, no flammable, explosive and other harmful gas environment ;

Ambient temperature: -15℃~+40℃ ;

Altitude: no more than 1000 meters (except for high-altitude motors) ;

Transmission mode: Flexible coupling, spur gear and pulley transmission are allowed ;

Rotation direction: clockwise (default), counterclockwise (specify in order) ;

Start mode: direct start, Y/△ start, step-down start, variable frequency start, etc.


Designed to meet international standards as replacement motors for overseas applications and machinery such as pumps, conveyors, fans, crushers, compressors, mixers and more.