FZB Fluorine Plastic Self-priming Centrifugal Pump

FZB Fluorine Plastic Self-priming Centrifugal Pump


FZB series fluorine plastic self-priming pump is produced by international standard combined with non-metallic pump technology. 

The pump body adopts metal case inner lined with fluorine plastic, the flow parts are all made of fluorine plastic alloy, the pump cover and impeller is sintered and pressed by metal insert and outer coated fluorine plastic, shaft seal mounted outside using advanced bellows mechanical seal, static rings select the 99.9% of alumina ceramics (or silicon nitride), the dynamic rings adopt the PTFE packing material with excellent wear resistance and sealing performance. The pump inlet and outlet is reinforced by cast steel body to strengthen the pump pressure resistance. 

This pump has the advantages of corrosion, wear and high temperature resistance, high mechanical strength, stable operation, reasonable structure, strict sealing performance, easy disassembly and maintenance, long service life, etc.

Operational Data

The outstanding feature of FZB self-priming pump is self-priming function. The self-suction height can be determined within 2 to 4m according to the medium density. It is the best choice for the replacement of bulky submerged pump.

The work principle of FZB self-priming pump: The pump is filled with liquid in the pump body before the first start (or the pump itself contains liquid). After starting, the impeller rotates at a high speed to discharge the original liquid in the pump to the gas-water separation chamber at the outlet. At this time, the inlet of the pump forms a vacuum, so that the air in the suction pipe enters the pump, and on the other hand, the water discharged to the gas-water separation chamber by the impeller flows back to the impeller suction port without being continuously supplied with liquid, and is mixed with the air that has just been sucked to form a gas-water mixture, and the gas-water mixture is discharged through the impeller to gas-water separation chamber, at which point the gas will be discharged and the water will return to the pump chamber, and so on, until the air is exhausted, and the water is sucked up.

Operational Data

MaterialF46 (Fluoroplastic) |cast iron
Flow Q1.5~100 m3/h
Head H10~70 m
Rotation speed N2900 r/min
Related power1.5~30 KW      
Inlet diameter25~100 mm
Max working pressure1.6 Mpa
Operating temperature-20℃~120℃

Model Meaning

For example: 80FZB-30L

80——Pump inlet diameter is 80mm

F——The material of flow parts is fluorine plastic alloy

Z——Self-priming function

B——Single-stage single suction cantilever type centrifugal pump

30——The head is 30m

L——Long bracket with coupling type

D——Mono-block type

Performance Parameters Table