I-1B Screw Pump

I-1B Screw Pump


1-18 screw pump is a type of single screw delivery pump. Its main working parts are eccentric spiral screw (rotor) and screw lining (stator) with double line helicoi­ds internal surface. 

Its working principle is, when the mo­tor drives pump shaft, screw not only rotates along with its own axial line, but also rolls along with the inside sur­face of lining, hence a sealing chamber is fonned up. 

For every round of screw rotation, the liquid inside sealing ca­vity will move forward by a screw pitch. Along with the co­ntinuous drive of screw, the liquid will be spirally pressed from one sealing cavity into another, and finally extruded out of the pump body. 

Screw pump is a late-model machine to deliver liquid, which is featured by simple structure, dependable service, easy operat­ion and maintenance, continuously even liquid outlet, stable pressure etc. 

All the metal parts in contact with the medium are ma­de of quality acid resistant stainless steel, bushing made of non­toxic and tasteless rubber. Service temperature may be up to 120℃. 


They are used to deliver food pulp, 10,000 Pa·s liquor slurry containing solid particles or rubber pieces, suspending liq­uid and other corrosive medium in the industries of foodstuff,  metallurgy, chemical, dyeing and printing, papennaking, ceram­ics, etc.