Rotary Lobe Pump

Rotary Lobe Pump


Rotary lobe pump basically consist of two ( or more ) rotary lobe rotors switch rotary synchronously inside a casing without touching each other. 

It applies to delivering suspension liquid with soft solid particles, corrosive medium and suspension liquid. 

The parts of contact with medium adopt  stainless steel.  

The rotating speed can be adjusted according to the delivered medium's physical property.

Technical Data

Flow: 1~ 80 m³/h

Temperature: 0 ~ 200 °C 

Viscosity: 30~1.0×10⁵ cSt

Material: Stainless Steel 304/316L

Note: We can customize the corresponding products according to the needs of specific scenarios, please contact us for other detailed parameters.


Exploitation, storage and transportation of crude oil, heavy oil, heavy oil, fuel oil, latex and steam water solid mixture.

Transport and measure lime slurry, activated carbon, flocculant, primary sludge, precipitated sludge, scum and de cement cake, etc.

Transport pulp, suspension, printing and dyeing slurry, coating, fiber, ink, viscose, etc.

Deliver jam, dairy products, fiber syrup, syrup and food raw materials, stock solution, etc.

Pump ship sewage and bilge sludge, and transport crude oil, lubricating oil, chemical raw materials, etc.